Modifying an Existing New York Child Support Order

Child support is the court-ordered payments made by a noncustodial parent, to the custodial parent, to help support the parents’ child or children.  If either parent’s circumstances change, he or she may be able to request that the court modify their court-ordered child support obligation. Changes in Circumstances May Warrant a Change in Child SupportRead More

A Brief Guide to Divorcing in New York

What are the Grounds for Divorce in New York? Grounds for divorce are known as the reasons why the couples are dissolving their marriage.  In New York, there are four grounds for divorce: Living Separate and Apart. If the spouses live separate and apart for at least one year, under a written separation agreement, theyRead More

What is spousal maintenance?

Couples going through a divorce often run into the issue of whether a spousal maintenance award is appropriate. Spousal maintenance, sometimes referred to as alimony, is where one person is ordered by the court to make payments to support their ex-spouse. There are many different kinds of spousal maintenance because no two relationships are exactlyRead More